Why Hire a Certified Landscape Designer?

Bring your needs and wants into a practical, functional space.​

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Like the majority of people, you probably have a Pinterest list that has 100 different great ideas to incorporate into your space. While it is great to know what you want your space to look like, it is a designers job use past experiences and industry expertise to turn your dreams into one functional, practical and inviting space.

Ability to problem solve and work around obstacles.​

A landscape designer can locate the obvious problems or obstacles that might exist in your landscape and come up with a cohesive design that fits your space while still meeting the expectations you had envisioned.

Budget knowledge.​

This topic does not need to be a tough conversation, budget is simply the most important part of starting a landscape construction conversation. Just as building a home or doing renovations, the contractor and designer will (or should) be able to give an accurate idea of costs associated with the desired project. This will help the client better understand if their goals are realistic.

Construction practices.​

Second to budget, knowing how to properly build your dream outdoor space is so important. How deep do I need to excavate for this proposed wall or patio? What kind of drainage do I require? What size of joists or beams do I need for this deck?

More than ever before we have a variety of different accepted building practices, and each one is custom to the site conditions. Knowing which construction method to use and why is how landscape designers begin to create your space.

Peace of mind.​

It is very easy to ask a landscaper and/or contractor to come over and give a price on a wall, patio, pergola etc. While in some cases this may be an acceptable way to go, it often leaves room for surprises, which often means unexpected costs.

Hiring a landscape designer is not free, but gives both the homeowner and contractor plans, costs, and details of the project. This helps alleviate concerns that the project is being done properly. Instead of simply going off memory or a handshake agreement, both parties have the proper documentation to work off of.

This does not mean there will never be changes or surprises, but that is what your designer is there for, to come up with solutions to any changes that need to happen and communicate those with both homeowner and contractor, keeping everybody on the same page. Ask yourself how much peace of mind is worth to you!

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